RIC 2020 Update: Evaluation in progress. 2nd round qualifiers list likely to be displayed in the last week of July or Aug.
Note: Submissions from more than 25 states / cities 1. Andhra Pradesh, 2. Assam, 3. Chhattisgarh, 4. Chandigarh, 5. Delhi, 6. Goa, 7. Haryana, 8. Himachal Pradesh, 9. Jammu & Kashmir, 10. Karnataka, 11. Kerala, 12. Madhya Pradesh, 13. Maharashtra, 14. Wellington - New Zealand, 15. Odisha, 16. Punjab, 17. Rajasthan, 18. Sikkim, 19. Tamil Nadu, 20. Telangana, 21. Tripura, 22. Dubai - UAE, 23. Uttar Pradesh, 24. West Bengal, 25. Pennsylvania - USA, 26. Ontario - Canada. Appreciate your patience!!
Read India Competition – Is not a competition but a grand stage to celebrate emerging readers, vidyavan and leaders from india and across the world. It’s an annual Readership and Leadership carnival for school ( standard 5th - 12th). A platform to celebrate knowledge and propagators of gyan based culture. It’s a stage to reinforce the value and importance of gyan as the only means to prosperity & peaceful coexistence. A stage to remind students that our ignorance, ignorant people & societies are the greatest threat to our own wellness, humanity and the eco system we live in.  

RIC is a platform to empower Shikshit (literate) to become Vidyavan. A platform where every participant is a winner in their own way. Students can read the nominated book, suggested books, books of their own choice, read their own self, their own experiences, role models, “Mother Nature” or events in history of their own choice to express their views & feelings on the nominated topic / topic of their own choice. 

*Students of all nationalities from around the world can participate. Note: International submissions only in English language. 

Read India 2020:-

Purpose of Read India Competition:

*Read India Competition is to make students read one new book every year other than academic books to enable Readership & Leadership!

Why Read India Competition:

"Only knowledge based cultures manifest into knowledge based economies which pave the way to prosperity and harmony". For any country to be progressive, it needs quality leaders in quantity. This initiative is to sow / enhance seeds of "Gyan and Leadership thru Readership" at high school and college levels. From a known we can get to the unknown, never the other way round. Similarly, for every society the journey to growth & success begins from knowing where they are? Our goal = Quality in Quantity; Our objective: From a Shikshit society, we need to transition to a Vidyavan society. 

Read books & 'Self" to experience how reading initiates us into knowledge & all-round growth. Just to remind (according to most global researches), all leaders in the world are readers and same is the case with successful people. The connection between vidya, readership & success is well established, world over. Reading books broadens & deepens knowledge base and Reading Self leads to Knowing Self (i.e. knowing our strengths, priorities, areas of improvements, path of pursuance, happiness, pockets of distress and much more) and Knowing Self is the basis to Leading Self & Winning in Life!

*Remember, ignorance is bliss followed by destruction. Independent thinking & gyan are not an option for an individual but the only path to growth and harmony!?

Nominated book for the year 2020 –Leading Self & Beyond (Download Free eBook)

Selected Topic for the year 2020 – "Learning to Listen, Learning to See & Learning to Think Independent".

Why the topic “Learning to Listen, Learning to See & Learning to Think”?

According to major global researches, most people listen less then 10% of the content and miss a startling 90% of reality. This is to get across the message among students as to how significant Listening, Seeing things As-Is & Independent Thinking is to learning, growth, success & beyond!

Cadence & Rules for RIC 2020 :

Students can read the nominated book "Leading Self 2 Leading Others" (eBook can be downloaded from top right corner of Read India website) or read any book(s) of their choice on topic "Learning to Listen, Learning to See & Learning to Think Independent" or read any book or articles or do own research on topic of their own choice (e.g. lessons to be learnt from corona pandemic, difference between Shiksha (literacy) & Vidya (education), Measure of education, Knowledge based Vs Belief based societies, Difference between use and abuse of technology etc.) in April & May 2020 and email a summary / findings / views on the same in not more than 900 words ( A4 size page submission) along with 1 novel idea on how to prepare for corona like challenges in future / solve any national issue (e.g. drying of rivers, depletion of ground water levels, traffic problem, river / air pollution, agrarian problem etc.) / regional / international issue of their choice to readindiacelebration2020@gmail.com before 30th June 2020 with subject RIC 2020 - Submission - Students - School / College Name.

Email submissions will be evaluated for a total of 100 marks (i.e. 20 marks each for students understanding on Listening, Independent Thinking, Learning and connection between the three + another 20 for the idea / proposed solution to the problem they chose to address. Note: If the selected topic is of students own choice, evaluation will still happen for 100 marks but the criteria will be at the discretion of the evaluators. Choice of topic, originality & depth of analysis, summarization and the uniqueness of the idea will get highest  weightage.

*Reiterating, Originality, Independent Thinking & Creativity in the email submission will be key to finals selection.

Top 100 students will qualify for finals screening from the email submission / one pager (which can be written in any of the three languages i.e. Telugu, Hindi or English) in each category i.e. School & College resp. Out of the 100 qualified students, 10 - 12 participants will be selected for the RIC Grand Finale which will be a speech & questionnaire round. Grand Finale shall be organized in the month of Aug / Sep 2020. Details on the date, venue, technology platform for the grand finale to be confirmed in the month of Aug 2020.  

Read India Competition – 2020 Final Round (Cadence)

1. Student Self Introduction (2 mins)

2. Speech Round (3 Mins) on Topic – "Learning to Listen, Learning to See & Learning to Think"

3. Questionnaire Round (Panel of Judges will ask)

a. 1st Question, common to all participants - If given a chance, what would you change in our country, why and how? (*Why & How will get more weightage)

b. 2nd & 3rd Question – These 2 could be anything related to participants / confronting their country or our world (e.g. How would you prepare & win Corona like crisis, Technology threats, Farmer’s problem, Water Problem, Pollution Problem, Job creation, Cross cultural differences etc.)

Based on their speech & answers, the panel of judges (3 people) will celebrate the top 3 as winners, who will be awarded with

1st prize – Laptop + Cash Prize

2nd prize – Tablet + Cash Prize

3rd prize - Mini Tab + Cash Prize

For further detail's/queries, please contact Raghuram Ananthoj, Cell: +91 9441456061,

Email: readindiacelebration2020@gmail.com

Launched Read India with Read Hyderabad (2015) – Phase 1 of Read India (Experience the leader within!)

Selected Topic for the year 2015 – Happiness, Success & Leadership.

Nominated book for the year 2015 - "The Everlasting Leader" (eBook can be downloaded by clicking on the "Download Free eBook" from the top right corner of www.readindia.info or www.leadingself.net , FREE Android Mobile app / book by name "The Everlasting Leader" is also available in Google Play Store, the paper book can be brought from Asia Law House stores in Hyderabad, Flikart.com, Amazon.in.

Over 100, 000 students participated in Read India Celebrations essay writing event. Congratulations to all the participants, teachers, staff & heads of organizations involved for making it a huge success. Below is the list of shortlisted participants for College & School final event to be held on 30th July, 2016, 2 PM onward @ GNITS (G Narayanamma Institute of Technology & Sciences; Shaikpet, Hyderabad). *Many congratulations once again to all finalists. Finalists, start your preparations and also outstation students plan your travel ASAP.

College Winners :-    School Winners :–

1st Prize (Laptop) - C Praneeth Sudarshan - GRIET, Hyd.

2nd Prize (Tab) - Sowmya Mahalakshmi - RVCE, Blr.

3rd Prize ( Mini Tab) - Sai Sowmya T - GNITS, Hyd.



1st Prize ( Laptop) G Geeta Madhavi - APSWRS, Jagannadgiri, Tuni, East Godavari Dist, AP.

2nd Prize (Tab) - Natasha Valluri - Johnson Grammar School, Habsiguda, Hyd.

3rd Prize( Mini Tab) - Aishwarya Thakur - St. Ann's, Bolaram, Hyd.

College Finalists:-    School Finalists:–

1. Sowmya Mahalaskshmi A – RVCE, Bangalore

2. Sowmya Reddy – 15251A02A1 - GNITS

3. Tazbia Fatima – 15251A1284 - GNITS

4. Shounak Chatterjee – 15241A0353 – GRIET

5. Sameeda Siddiqua – 15251A12A5 – GNITS

6. G A M Sounjanya – 15251A0410 – GNITS

7. P Bhanu Chander – GRIET

8. Arshia Fathima – 15251A0564 – GNITS

9. Sai Sowmya T – 15251A1725 – GNITS

10.V Bhagyasridevi – 15251A0428 – GNITS

11. Urusa Afreen – 15251A1288 – GNITS

12. C Praneeth Sudharshan – RIC#253871 - GRIET


1. Aishwarya Thakur – St. Ann’s High School, Bolaram, Hyderabad.

2. Shilaja, RIC#228311, TGSWRS, GHATTU, Mahbubnagar Dist.

3. N. Sai Kumar, ZPPHS Kesavadasupalem, Sakhinetipalli Mandal, East Godavari Dist.

4. Gollamalla Preji, RIC#111990, APSWRS Megadrigadda, Visakhapatnam Dist.

5. Shaik Sana, ZPSS Kasipet, Adilabad Dist.

6. B. Pavan Kalyan, ZPHS, Mamillapalli, Guntur Dist.

7. Muheeb, RIC # 254179, Oasis School, Raidurg, Hyderabad – 08

8. Vandana Bairy, TGSWRS Kaulasnala, Kodhangal, Nizamabad Dist.

9. M. Jaya Sri, ZPPHS Ramarajulanka, Malikipuram Mandal, East Godavari Dist.

10. R. Ramya Sri, ZPHS, Kunkalamarru, Karamchedu (Mdl), Prakasham Dist.

11. G. Geeta Madhavi, APSWRS, Jagannadgiri, Tuni, East Godavari Dist.

12. K Sharanya, ZPSS, Jendavenkatapur, Luxettipet (Mdl), Adilabad Dist.

13. Valluri Natasha - Johnson Grammar School, Habsiguda, Hyderabad

14. Shrivya Ganapathi - St. Joseph's Public School, KingKothi, Hyderabad


Read India Celebration – 2015 Final Round (Cadence

1. Introduction (2 mins)

2. Speech Round (3 Mins) on Topic – Happiness, Success & Leadership

3. Questionnaire Round (Panel of Judges will ask)

a. 1st Question, common to all participants - If given a chance, what would you change, why and how? (*How will get more weightage)

b. 2nd & 3rd Question – These 2 could be anything confronting our country (e.g. How would you solve Farmer’s problem, Water Problem, Pollution Problem, How would you create jobs, Women’s Empowerment & Security etc.

- Based on their speech & answers, the panel of judges (3 people) will celebrate the top 3 as winners, who will be awarded with 1st prize – Laptop, 2nd prize – Tablet, 3rd prize - Mini Tab.

Read India Competition (Yearly Flow):

Read India will be launched in the month of Sep / Oct, every year. Students can chose to read the nominated book, books of their own choice, people, Mother Nature, events of their own choice every year and write a 1 page summary on the selected topic in 30 mins at respective schools, colleges / dedicated centers in each cities during the month of Nov / Dec same year. *New topic will be announced every year. Topic for 2016 will be confirmed in the month of Sep.

- Top 10 - 12 participants will be selected from the one page essay writing (which can be written in Telugu, Hindi & English languages) to represent in finals which will happen next year after exams (July / Aug of the following year).