FAST for FARMING - 26th JANUARY, 2016 "- Nationwide 24 HOURS FASTING". INDIA FASTS ON THIS DAY to show solidarity to our food growers. Let's all join the movement!!

INDIA is NOT a poor country. No country can be called poor when agriculture is the primary source of livelihood. We are all blessed with a great gift of GOD - the FOOD. Did we ever realise that the farmer is the form of GOD? Can we ever imagine ourselves with out food for just 24hrs? As a tribute to this GOD form - the FARMER, in a coordinated effort, let's put our foot forward to FAST for 24 hrs on 26th January, 2016 and dedicate the day to our food growers. This "24hrs FASTING" campaign will surely enlighten us with the plight of farmers and the importance of farming and hopefully encourage a few more to become farmers. This will show that INDIA can NEVER EVER be a poor country.

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Join the campaign by sending this message to all your near & dear. Thank you for supporting OUR food growers. Thank you!!