RIC - Teachers
What Breadth means to Body, Education is to Success; What Education is to Success, Leadership is to a Nation.
  Read India Celebration for Teachers
  Nominated book for the year 2020 –  Leading Self 2 Leading Others  (Download Free Ebook)
*Gurus who build societies / cultures are the most valuable persons in a nation...

Themes / Topics:

  1. Difference between a Shikshak and a Guru
  2. Measure of Education
  3. Gyan (Knowedge) based Society & Culture Vs Commerce based Society & Culture
  4. Role of Education in Enabling Independent Thinking
  5. Difference between Shiksha (Shikshit) and Vidya (Vidyavan)
  6. Gaps in our Education System
  Teachers can choose one or more themes / topics from the list above and read books / research for 4 weeks in the month of April and prepare a journal / paper (not more than 1500 words) and send it via email to readindiacelebration2020@gmail.com before 30th June 2020 with subject: RIC2020 - Teachers - Theme Name - School Name - Participant Name
  No entry fees, all teachers / heads of the school can participate.
  Top 3 papers from 6 categories / themes will be selected for a presentation in the teachers conclave / town hall on education to be organized in the month of June / July 2020 (Details TBC). 
  Best 6 presenters / papers as a token of gratitude will be awarded with a cash prize of Rs. 10,000 by Read India.
  For further detail's/queries, please contact Raghuram Ananthoj, Cell: 9441456061,
  Email: readindiacelebration2020@gmail.com