Read India Celebrations - Cadence & Rules:
*Participation to Read India Celebration is totally free (No entry fees will be charged to students / institutions).
  Topic for 2017 – "Learning to Listen, Learning to Think".
  Nominated book for the year 2017 – The Everlasting Leader by Raghuram Ananthoj
  Cadence & Rules for RIC 2017:
Students can chose to read the nominated book, suggested books on RIC website, books of their own choice, people, "Mother Nature", events of their own choice every year and write a 1 page summary (A4 size, front & back; can chose to write in any of the three languages i.e. Telugu, Hindi or English) on the selected topic i.e. “Learning to Listen, Learning to Think” only in 30 mins at respective schools, colleges during the month of Oct 2017.
Respective schools & colleges will have to organize the essay writing event at their schools & colleges at their convenience in the three months mentioned above and evaluate the answer sheets for 100 marks (i.e. 25 marks each for students understanding on Listening, Thinking & Learning and another 25 marks for connection between the three in success and leadership) and send top 10 students answer sheets by post (Send to Read India Celebration, #23-6-87, Hari Bowli, Shah Ali Banda, Hyderabad – 500065. Phone 9441456061) with the list of names of all the students who participated, along with their names, email, phone number & marks by end of Oct 2017. Originality & creativity in student’s expression in essay writing will be key to finals qualification!!
Top 100 students will be selected for finals screening from the one page essay writing (which can be written in any of the three languages i.e. Telugu, Hindi or English) in each category i.e. Schools & Colleges to represent in finals which will happen in Nov / Dec 2017. Out of the 100 qualified students, 10 - 12 participants will be selected for the RIC Grand Finale which will be speech & questionnaire round..

Read India Celebration – 2017 Final Round (Cadence)

1. Student Self Introduction (2 mins)

2. Speech Round (3 Mins) on Topic – "Learning to Listen, Learning to Think"

3. Questionnaire Round (Panel of Judges will ask)

a. 1st Question, common to all participants - If given a chance, what would you change in our country, why and how? (*Why & How will get more weightage)

b. 2nd & 3rd Question – These 2 could be anything related to participants / confronting our country (e.g. How would you solve Farmer’s problem, Water Problem, Pollution Problem, How would you create jobs, Women’s Empowerment & Security etc.

Based on their speech & answers, the panel of judges (3 people) will celebrate the top 3 as winners, who will be awarded with

1st prize – Laptop

2nd prize – Tablet

3rd prize - Mini Tab

For further detail's / queries, please contact Raghuram Ananthoj, Cell:9441456061, email:
  * Participant age cut-off limit for college students is 25 years.