Participate in RIC 2021

In 3 simple steps....
1. Register
2. Read, Research, Realize & Resolve – Read, research, review a book / topic & resolve any issue of your choice
3. Submit 1-2 page summary along with 1 novel idea to resolve / fix any issue

Our Vision

Transition to Vidyavan (knowledge based) culture from a Shikshit (literate) society.

*Spread awareness about the importance of Independent thinking and knowledge in our lives. *Only the wise know the ignorant side in self!

Our Initiatives

Since the launch of Read India Celebrations in the year 2015, more than 1,00,000 students participated so far. Our initiatives are focused on sowing / enhancing seeds of "Gyan and Leadership through Readership (i.e. reading Books & Self)" at school and college levels.


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