Reading is both Nutrition and Fashion for the Mind!
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The journey to growth and success begins from reading. Read books to experience how reading books initiates us into knowledge & reading our own self.

Read, Think, Act as a process for growth:

RIC is to enhance, empower, enable the READ, THINK, ACT process in students. For most effective outcomes - Read, Think, Act are the 3 essential factors.

1. READ focuses on 3 R's i.e. Reading Non-Academic Books, Reading "Self", Reading Situations

2. THINK focuses on doing 3 things

3. ACT focuses on implementing those 3 things to achieve what one is set out to accomplish

It is also to spread awareness about the consequences of not reading non academic books, not reading 'Self' and not reading situations. Research tells us...ALL SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE ARE READERS. ALL SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE TRY 'NEW' THINGS. Not reading is failure, not trying something 'NEW' is failure unlike the popular perception of linking outcomes to failure. When a person tries something 'NEW', there is always learning and where there is learning, there cannot be failure!

Are "Knowledge and Independent Thinking" the essential nutrition and fashion quotients for the being (Body, Mind, Energy + Beyond)?

The answer is a big 'YES'. Knowledge and creativity are indeed nutrition and fashion for the whole being not just the mind. The connection between readership, success and leadership is well established, world over. From a known we can get to the unknown, never the other way round. Reading books leads to Reading Self, Reading Self leads to Knowing Self (i.e. knowing our strengths, areas of improvements, happiness (what our heart wants to do) / interests, priorities etc.) and Knowing Self is the basis to Leading Self & Living Life!!


"Reading is an experience & books are your never failing friends" (Sudha Murthy, Author)

Who are we?



Reading Books > Reading Self > Knowing Self > Leading Self

Spread awareness about the importance of Independent thinking and knowledge.


Transition to a Vidyavan culture from a Shikshit society.

Understanding is the key differentiator while knowing the difference between 'beliefs' and 'thinking' paves the way.

*Only the wise know the ignorant side in self...!

Suggested Books

*Below is a random suggestion / list; no particular order is prescribed here!!

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