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Started in 2015, RIC is a transformative readership & leadership experience...
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Read India Celebration

It is a journey to experience the process for success called "READ > THINK > ACT". The goal of RIC is to make students and citizens read something new and positive every year. It is to make India read 10 minutes every day/10 pages every day/1 to 10+ books every year. It is an established fact globally that knowledge and innovation drive economies and individual success. RIC aims to create a nationwide reading movement, leading to a knowledge revolution by creating awareness about the benefits of practical reading and problem-solving skills. It is an attempt to create a reading culture by engaging students and citizens to READ, THINK (find solutions to problems, come up with ideas for better living), and ACT (experiment with implementation). Reading non-academic books, "self" and "situations," opens up the mind and leads to knowledge and diversity of thought, igniting imagination and paving the way for innovation. Not reading is not a choice for a person who wants to be successful. Realize, NO READING = NO SUCCESS. Be smart and start reading today!


Practical reading is the gateway to transformation. Reading is fun, fashion, and fruition for the mind. Read non-academic books to experience how reading initiates a person into KNOWLEDGE, INDEPENDENT THINKING & knowing "SELF".

Read, Think, Act is the simplest process for success & wellness:

Read, Think, Act (New & Positive) are the 3 essential factors for reaching one's true potential. Read India Celebration aims to empower the READ, THINK, ACT process in participants.

1. READ (focuses on 3 R's) i.e. Reading Non-Academic Books, Reading "Self", Reading Situations

2. THINK (Solutions) focuses on identifying 3 things that can be done for growth & wellness

3. ACT (Intelligently) focuses on doing/implementing those 3 things on a daily basis

The focus of RIC is to put the spotlight on the role of knowledge and independent thinking in the journey called success and the evolution of an individual. At the same time, draw the attention of people to the consequences of not following the READ, THINK, ACT process.

->Global research & studies tell us that..."ALL SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE ARE READERS AND INDEPENDENT THINKERS". ALL SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE TRY 'NEW' THINGS. That means...NOT READING SOMETHING 'NEW' IS FAILURE, NOT THINKING 'NEW' IS FAILURE, NOT DOING SOMETHING 'NEW' IS FAILURE. When a person tries anything 'NEW', there is always some learning, and where there is learning, there cannot be a failure!

Are "Knowledge and Independent Thinking" the essential nutrition and fashion quotients for the being (Body, Mind, Energy + Beyond)?

The answer is a big 'YES'. Knowledge and creativity are indeed nutrition and fashion for the whole being not just the mind. The connection between readership, success and leadership is well established, world over. From a known we can get to the unknown, never the other way round. Reading books leads to Reading Self, Reading Self leads to Knowing Self (i.e. knowing our strengths, areas of improvements, happiness (what our heart wants to do) / interests, priorities etc.) and Knowing 'Self' is the basis to Leading 'Self' & Living Life!!

Human history is the greatest witness to the destruction and violence caused by ignorant people & societies around the world. Unless we understand that our ignorance is our worst enemy, growth complemented by harmony is not possible. If we do not remember and learn the lessons from our history, the world can never be progressively harmonious.

The consequence of not having knowledge about 'Self' and inability to think independent can be very detrimental to the society and the planet at large. Human greed knows no bounds and under the garb of exploration, exploitation will continue without the knowledge of 'SELF'. Though technological advancements will continue at a rapid pace, conflict and strife will also grow exponentially without independent thinkers. Remember, ignorant people, ignorant societies and ignorant leaders pose the greatest threat to the well being of the planet.

Reading is an experience & books are your never failing friends (Sudha Murthy, Author & Philanthropist)

Knowledge for a living is like what food means to be alive (RIC)

Read > Think > Act is a simple process for growth & evolution (RIC)

Education that cannot enable independent thinking is devoid of something fundamental (RIC)

Knowledge is the essence of life and independent thinking is the means to apply it. (RIC)

People who don't read, think, or do anything new are inadvertently preparing for failure (RIC)

A nation that does not read, think, and act independently can never be progressive & harmonious! (RIC)

India has seen the green revolution, India has seen the white revolution, and now is the time for a knowledge revolution (RIC)

Path & Vision of RIC



Reading Books > Reading Self > Knowing Self > Leading Self

Create awareness about the role of Practical Reading and Independent Thinking for attaining one's full potential.

*All successful people and leaders in the world are "Readers & Solution Thinkers"


Transition from a Shikshit society to Vidyavan/Knowledge based culture (i.e., Enable 100 crore readers & problem solvers by 2025).

Understanding is the key differentiator while knowing the difference between 'beliefs' and 'thinking' paves the way.

*Only the intelligent know the unintelligent side in self...

*Only the wise know the ignorant side in self!

Suggested Books

Below is a random suggestion/list; no particular order is prescribed! * RIC shall not share the links to eBooks for the below list.

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