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Our journey of transformative initiatives continues…


RIC 2022 (International)

Students from over 1500 schools from 22 states across India and 3 countries participated. RIC thanks all the schools, colleges, and participants for their support.


RIC 2021 (International)

Over 3,30,000 students from 28 states of India and around the world register for RIC2021. One of the largest knowledge festivals during the covid era!


RIC 2020

Students from 20+ states across India and 5 countries participated. RIC thanks all the participants / parents / schools for their time and support.


RIC 2015

Over 100, 000 students participated in RIC2015 from the states of Telangana & Andhra. A very big thank you to all the students, teachers & heads of institutions.


RIC Teachers

This is to encourage teachers to read non-academic books, encourage debates on topics that matter to students, society, nation, and the world at large.


RIC 2023 (International)

Transformative readership & leadership experience; launching on April 23rd!!

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