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Latest Update: RIC2021 (International) – Evaluations are in progress, the list of 100 round#2 qualifiers will be displayed here in the 1st week of November. Aspirants can start preparing on the 25 topics / themes listed at the bottom of this page for Round#2. A very big thank you once again to all the participants, teachers, parents & the educators involved. For further queries on evaluations or results, call us on Cell # +91 8688120864 or write to us at readindiacelebration2021@gmail.com

About RIC

Read India Celebration (International) is not a competition but a stage to celebrate knowledge and independent thinking as essence of life. One of its kind annual Readership and Leadership initiative for students (from Class 3 to Postgraduates) + Citizens to indulge in a transformative practical reading, problem solving and leadership experience. A platform to share knowledge, discuss ideas & solutions to issues that matter to us. A journey to spread awareness about the value and importance of Gyan & Independent Thinking as a path to progress, prosperity & peaceful coexistence.

A grand stage to remind all of us that our own ignorance, ignorant people & ignorant societies are the greatest threat to our wellness and the ecosystem we live in. It is to empower Shikshit (literate) to become Vidyavan. Well and truly an experience where every participant is a winner in their own way!


RIC 2021 – Read, Think, Act – Is to empower the Read (3R’s), Think (Independent), Act (Intelligent) factor…

    1. Read focuses on 3 R’s
      • Reading Books
      • Reading Self
      • Reading Situations
    2. Think focuses on 3 things which can be done to make progress
    3. Act emphasizes on doing those 3 things daily, to make it happen

Students can participate in Read India Celebration 2021 (International) in 3 simple steps:

    1. Register
    2. Read – Read a book or research on a topic (refer to the proposed list of 25 themes / topics below; students are free to choose any book / topic of their choice)
    3. Submit 2 files (1 Document & 1 Video from Upload Files section in Students Dashboard)

a.  Doc file: A4 size, 2 pages (PDF or MS Word doc)

    • Page 1: Summarize the message & learnings from the book / Present views on the research topic /  theme (Minimum 3 Pros & Cons + conclusion) in your own words (*Note: It’s either book or presenting views on a topic but not both)
    • Page 2: Describe any generic problem (e.g. Air pollution, corruption, media manipulation, disruption due to street protests, river pollution, drying of lakes, lack of playgrounds etc.) of importance to you and propose a solution

b.  Video file: Make a 1 to 2 minutes video (Camera at face level, cell phone in horizontal position, look into the camera, speak with face clearly visible & voice audible, should not be a read out!) about the message & learning from the book / research topic or the problem & solution starting with a self-introduction

*Submit both doc & video file at the same time, if possible else one after the other i.e. select 2 files and click on save & continue from students dashboard (Upload Files Section). To check the files got submitted, go to Upload Files and check if you can view & download, no email will be sent for confirmation / submission.

*For students in India, Hindi & English language submissions are allowed.

Note: Students of all nationalities from around the world can participate. International submissions only in English language.

(Download eBook – Leading Self & Beyond)

Key Milestones & Timelines for RIC 2021 (Updated on 09Oct2021):

    1. Student Registrations – Closed
    2. Student Submissions – Closed
    3. Round #1 Evaluations – Oct 2021 (*Results to be declared in the 1st week of Nov 2021)
    4. Leadership Coaching Sessions For Round#2 Qualifiers – 1st / 2nd Week of Nov 2021
    5. Round #2 Screening – Nov 2021
    6. Grand Finale – 2nd or 3rd week of Dec 2021

Vision: Transition to Vidyavan (knowledge based) society from a Shikshit (literate) society.

Read India Celebration is an experience:

Only knowledge-based & independent thinking cultures can manifest into knowledge-based economies which pave the way to prosperity and harmony. This initiative is to sow/enhance seeds of “Gyan and Leadership through Readership (i.e. reading books, self & situations)”. Practical reading is the key to success. No reading, no success is one of the key messages of RIC.

Read books & ‘Self” to experience how practical reading & problem-solving initiates us into knowledge & independent thinking. All successful people an leaders in the world are readers. The connection between vidya, readership & success is well established, world over. Reading books broadens & deepens the knowledge base and Reading Self leads to Knowing Self (i.e. knowing our strengths, priorities, areas of improvements, path of pursuance, happiness, pockets of distress, ignorance and much more) and Knowing Self is the basis to Leading Self > Living Life!

*Remember, ignorance is bliss followed by distress. Independent thinking & gyan (/knowledge) are not an option for an individual but the only path to growth, prosperity and harmony!

Nominated book for the year 2021 – Leading Self & Beyond (Download eBook)

Proposed Topic for the year 2021 –” Use, Addiction and Abuse of Technology” – Can technology potentially empower (effective use) or hamper youth (addiction / abuse) of nations / world?

Why this topic for 2021?

Children & youth worldwide are increasingly spending more time on technology, gadgets, internet, gaming, social media, TV etc. with the advent of the Corona pandemic. According to research, children and youth all over the world are exposed to enormous risks & danger with increased exposure to technology and the only viable solution is increased awareness amongst students and youth who can draw the line between use and abuse, utility and futility of technology.

Evaluation criteria for Round#1:

  1. Step 1: Video submissions will be evaluated for a total of 100 points (i.e. 25 points each for content, communication, research rigor / depth in understanding, creativity as part of elimination).
  2. Step 2: Both document (Page#1 & Page#2) and video file will be re-evaluated for 300 points, 100 each for 3 submissions and the criteria remains the same.

*A total of 100 students will qualify for round# 2 from the online submissions i.e. 25 each from all the 4 categories.


Cadence & Rules for Round#2:


Step#1: Special feature of RIC 2021 for round #2 qualifiers – Leadership coaching sessions by experts

  1. Topic: ‘Purpose of Education’ by Dr. Pradeep Kumar Ramancharla (Professor, AO – IIIT, Hyderabad) – 9th, Nov 2021, 5 to 6 PM IST (Zoom Meeting)
  2. Topic: ‘Global Citizens and Leadership – New Normalcy’ by Raj Panishetty (IT Automation Head / Senior Vice President, Global Bank, New York) – 11th, Nov 2021, 5 – 6 PM (Zoom Meeting)
  3. Renowned Security Expert, Policy Analyst, Author – Abhinav Pandya (Founder & CEO, USANAS Foundation, Rajasthan)

Step2# (Audio & Video Screening; Zoom / Google Meet):

  1. Speech Round: Students have to speak (without looking left or right, look straight into the camera and speak, strictly no read outs) for 3 mins each on any 2 topics from the below “25 Proposed Themes / Topics for RIC2021”. Speech should include min 3 pros & cons + conclusion.
    1. Topic#1 (10 Points): Students Choice: Students are free to pick & prepare on any ONE topic of their choice from the list of 25 topics below
    2. Topic#2 (10 Points): Judges Choice: Judges will give the SECOND topic from the list of 25 topics and student will have to speak on that 2nd topic (Note: Exception for class 3rd – 5th, they can choose to prepare on 2 topics of their choice)
  2. Questionnaire Round (10 Points): Judges could ask them any generic question or give them any problem (example: How to deal with trash on the streets, air pollution, lack of playgrounds, street protests, corruption, media manipulation, ignorant leaders, ignorant societies etc.) and ask for their views / solutions.

*All participants will be evaluated for a total of 30 points. 

Out of the 100 students in round#2, 4 participants from each category (i.e. Category 1 – 3rd to 5th Grade; Category 2 – 6th to 9th Grade, Category 3 – 10th to 12th Grade, Category 4 – Undergrad & Graduates will make it to the RIC2021 Grand Finale which will be a speech & questionnaire round + 1 Wild Card entry into the finals.

*Grand Finale shall be organized in the month of Dec 2021 on similar grounds as round#2 but the topics and questions will be different from round#2 but will be from the list of 25 proposed themes & topics.

Details on the date, time, technology platform for the grand finale to be confirmed in the month of Nov 2021.

Proposed Themes / Topics for RIC 2021 (Applicable for Round#1, 2 & Grand Finale)

  1. Road ahead for Humanity – Knowledge Based Culture Vs Commerce Based Culture?
  2. Leadership Styles – Values Or Valuables; Greed Or Honesty; Service Or Grandeur
  3. Entrepreneurs Vs Job Seekers (Risk Vs Comfort?)
  4. Creativity Vs Knowledge Vs Logic
  5. Top priorities for state – Education, Health Care, Nature Care & Employment Creation?
  6. Merit Based Society Vs Group or People Controlled Society – Pros & Cons!!
  7. Beliefs Based Society Vs Independent Thinking Society – Merits & Demerits!!
  8. Technology for Evolution (choice) Vs Technology for Devolution (addiction & abuse)?
  9. Between Use and Abuse of Natural Resources – How to strike a balance?
  10. Corona – Crisis Vs Opportunity Vs Punishment?
  11. People in Policy – Courage (& the price to be paid) Vs Fear (& consequences)
  12. A Progressive Society – Is it People or State driven?
  13. A cultural shift to nurture creativity – From being part of the problem (/silent) to being part of the solution (think & experiment solutions!)
  14. Leaders – How to draw the line between need & greed?
  15. Is there a need to introduce a global citizen element in the school education system keeping the local flavors?
  16. Indian Education Systems
  17. Global Education Systems
  18. The road to economic recovery for nations / world post Covid-19
  19. Fixing accountability on countries spreading pandemics / global unrest
  20. The need for stronger & accountable global bodies to deal with 21st century pandemics / global challenges
  21. Is there a need to add a course / subject on Emotional Intelligence as part of the curriculum for high school students globally?
  22. A student’s guide to preparing for the Unknowns & Uncertainties in life!
  23. Is Knowledge the only thread which can keep the world united & harmonious in diversity?
  24. Why do Ignorance & Intelligence go together in the “I / Self”? and how does one know from where the self is operating from (Intelligence or Ignorance?)?
  25. Are Ignorant Leaders the greatest threat to our planet?

The winners in each category will be awarded

  1. Category 1 | Grade 3rd to 5th – 1st Prize: Laptop; 2nd Prize: Tablet + Prize Money
  2. Category 2 | Grade 6th to 9th – 1st Prize: Laptop; 2nd Prize: Tablet + Prize Money
  3. Category 3 | 10th to 12th – 1st Prize: Laptop; 2nd Prize: Tablet + Prize Money
  4. Category 4 | Undergrad & Grad – 1st Prize: Laptop; 2nd Prize: Tablet + Prize Money

For any further queries, please feel free to call on Cell# +91 8688 120 864 or write to us @ readindiacelebration2021@gmail.com

Enjoy the knowledge festival!!

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